logoBQG developed the Apollo Maturity™ Services, a suite of service modules that provides a benchmark diagnosis of the maturity rating of our client's quality systems, as well as assists them in developing strategies that leverage continuous improvement techniques to increase the quality rating of these systems.

Apollo Maturity™ Services are synonymous with flexibility and customer focus, with the suite of service modules to be combined or used separately depending on client needs and project scope.

Apollo Maturity™ Services comprise of three core elements:

Apollo Maturity™ Intelligence

These services include industry and regulatory benchmarks, quality data analysis using state-of-the-art alogrithms, and supported by an innovative, Knowledge management platform developed by BQG, named "Kortex".

Apollo Maturity™ Diagnostics

a maturity improvement model developed by BQG specifically for the Life Sciences Industries to assess the compliance and performance of practices, and identify improvement roadmap.

Apollo Maturity™ Solutions & Project Management

Defines the project structure, pricing, and monitoring to ensure the success of the project, using pre-defined process blue-prints, training material and monitoring tools. Organisational structure and operational strategy reviews are part of the solution we provide.