Defines the project structure using project management standards such as PRINCE2 forms the basis of the project management solutions and determines the most appropriate monitoring, resourcing and reporting structures to put in place to ensure the success of the project.

The BQG Project Approach is a four-stage process that is gradually and appropriately deployed based on client needs and BQG best practice standards.

Preparation – BQG interviews the client to understand its needs and expectations. The project is broken down into project stages and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) assigned.

Execution – prior to deployment, the BQG team is allocated, briefed and trained on client specific processes and tools. The project is managed against the predefined stages based on Quality, Time and Cost according to the client expectation.

Follow Up – progress reports completed, activities and outputs measured against KPIs, and controls in place to address deviations.

Reporting – Closure of the project integrates knowledge management for both BQG and the client, team and individual performance are evaluated throughout the project's life.

We ensure homogeneity of the project task force, and provide project/platform management for clients who need to externalise certain non-core services.